How To Create A Logic Model Today If You Follow This Simple Plan!

The Logic Model is a versatile tool for planning, managing and evaluating your programs and services. Logic models, sometimes known as Program Logics, are used by those in businesses, government and community services. It is particularly useful for nonprofit organisations who are mapping and measuring outcomes.

Designing a logic model is simple following this e-book which guides you through each step and helps you understand the terminology and principles so you get it right each and every time.

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How To Create A Logic Model If You Follow This Simple Plan

A step-by-step guide
for creating a logic model

This e-book called, "How To Create A Logic Model If You Follow This Simple Plan." explains how to design a logic model, write a problem statement, develop your goals, identify your program inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes.

It is a step by step guide to help you plan and develop a logic model/program logic to use in funding submissions, marketing, planning, implementation and planning of your programs and services.

Logic models are a versatile management tool and everyone in your organisation can use them as they are easy to develop and understand.

What you will discover in "How To Create A Logic Model If You Follow This Simple Plan":

  • How to strengthen your program's design by clarifying underlying assumptions.
  • The little-known way to enhance funding applications.
  • How a logic model can support your pro-active fundraising campaign.
  • How to identify what resources you need to fundraise for.
  • 7 definitions that describe what a logic model is.
  • Why the terms logic model, program theory and theory of change are used interchangeably.
  • Discover WHY you should write a problem statement.
  • 9 questions to help you develop a problem statement.
  • 11 activities to help you develop your own logic model.
  • 5 examples of good logic models.
  • 10 case studies.
  • Comprehensive glossary.
  • Sample consent form.
  • Two page overview for your managers and board.
  • Information about problem trees, evidence-based practice and client-based practice.
  • Advice about the core principles for child related research.
  • My secret 10 principles that you need to know.
  • REVEALED! The difference between outputs and outcomes.
  • Includes a free overview for managers and boards.

Using a step-by-step process, using sample exercises, checklists, example logic models and case examples, author Dr Ruth Knight shares what she has learned over many years working with organisations that use logic models and program logic.

For just $17, you’re getting all the answers you need... PLUS MORE. The e-book also comes with 8 FREE bonus resources!

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Bonuses you will receive

In addition to the e-guide I have some excellent bonus resources to give you, absolutely FREE!

Simply grab your copy of "How To Create A Logic Model If You Follow This Simple Plan" right now, and you will also receive:

  1. "Designing A Logic Model Webinar"
    This amazing bonus is a 35 minute webinar presented by Dr Ruth Knight who explains the process of designing a logic model.
  2. "An audio version of the Designing A Logic Model Webinar"
    So you can save the file to your iPod and listen to the webinar audio wherever it suits you.
  3. "Logic Model Template"
    A simple form to get you started.
  4. "Evaluation Plan Template"
    A table that explains how to plan your evaluation.
  5. "Designing a Logic Model - Practice Guide"
    A quick reference guide for your managers and team.
  6. "Designing Survey Questions - Practice Guide"
    Tips to help you to develop survey questions when evaluating your program.
  7. "Survey Planning Check-list"
    A complete overview on how to plan and implement a survey.
  8. "Evaluation Report Check-list"
    An essential check-list you need to have when completing an evaluation report.

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